Monday, September 26, 2011

Sights To See In Canada: The Bigger Than Life Lobster

     About 30 minutes from our town is a tourist town, where lives this giant lobster, among other tourist traps. We have driven past him before, but on this particular day we stopped to introduce ourselves. He was the main attraction in the little ocean-side village...the souvenir shops - not so much.
Here is his side view

Caleb hugging his tentacles- eww!

The kids were being goofy, but we finally got them to pose for a pic

And wouldn't you know, some kind tourists offered to take a family did they know we were just dying to be on the same rock as this creature!? lol

Next time you're driving through Canada, stop and say hello to our bigger-than-life lobster!



Renee@LivingLaughingLoving said...

Wow, that is one big lobster! I love it when people offer to take our picture!!! :)

Leah said...

Me too- I just always just hope they don't drop the camera! lol :)