Monday, October 3, 2011

These Are The Moments....

    Moms, you know those days when the discipline is non-stop and nothing is getting through?  I'm thinking of the days that end with my proverbial head having fewer hairs than the number that I fixed that morning....and nap time is like an ice cold drink after a broiling hot day- sweet relief!
    The other day I was getting ready for the day and I walked by Charity's room. This is what I saw:

Yes, she's reading and singing aloud to her naked doll!  Clothes? None of her dolls know what clothes are!
I grabbed my camera and shot the above picture....and when I walked back by a few minutes later, this is what I saw:
Her legs are crossed! Aw what a little lady.  
     It had been a rough morning with our little son, but these photos just made me realize it's worth it all. After I scooped up my melted heart from off the floor, I was able to refocus and be thankful for the gift of little hearts in my home. After all, it would awfully quiet without them!  And I know we wouldn't laugh as much...


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Momma "B" said...

Thanks for the reminder! :) I'm having one of those days, too...tired, disobedient children! But all seven are down for a nap, and I think the dispositions will be more pleasant when they wake up!