Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Decorating For A Church Function: Idea 5 ~ Sweet Treats!

     In the spirit of Christmas being a season and not just a day, here is another (though probably the last) post in my 'Church Decor' series.  
     Maybe it's just me, but I consider the food at a function to be part of the "decor." I say that lightly, but in the spirit of our Christian Womanhood teacher in college, who said that "Eye appeal is half the meal!"  When I'm on Pinterest, one of the main things I'm looking for is creative food.  (BTW, follow me there if you don't already!) I actually saw the idea for melted snowman cookies on a blog that is no longer updated, and then I saw them on Pinterest too.  I knew right away that I wanted to make them!

   They were actually very easy to make! The trickiest part is making sure you don't over-cook the marshmallows in the microwave.  I used icing scribblers to make the scarves and decorating gel to make the arms and facial features. I loved how, as I decorated them, they took on personalities!  Take a peek at this little fellow:

"It's hopeless....it's so warm in here...I'm just going to melt away."
 And this little fellow:
"Well, I'm hoping for the best...at least I've still got my buttons and my arms!"
And how about this poor little guy:
"I don't feel good...I think I have a fever...and my scarf dye is running."
Some of them are looking up, hoping for the best...

I took two trays of these ailing snowmen to our ladies' Christmas fellowship night. I found it funny that hardly anyone ate them- but they wanted to take one home. :)

Did you make any creative food this season? 


Nicole said...

Here is the "pinteresting" baking I tried this season! It was also suggested that you could make reindeer with the pretzels, too. Maybe next year! :) http://nicoleslifeafter20.blogspot.com/2011/12/ornament-cupcakes.html

Leah@HomeandHeartstrings said...

Those are cute, Nicole!! I actually pinned those a few weeks ago and thought about doing them for our ladies fellowship, but the snowmen won over. ;)

Christina said...

Love these, Leah! So they really are easy?? I have them pinned too but never clicked through to see what the "melted" part on the snowmen was made of - icing?

Think I will make them with my nieces in the next few weeks for winter :)

Renee@LivingLaughingLoving said...

These are so fun and so cute!!! Your embellishments are adorable too. Don't know if mine would end up so neat and pretty looking. :)

Leah@HomeandHeartstrings said...

Christina, they really are easy. Just make the sugar cookies, and when they cool, spread icing on top. (I made them twice and used gingerbread icing the first time, and cookie icing the second time- def. would NOT use gingerbread icing again- too hard to work with!). While the icing is setting, microwave marshmallows for 30 sec. (just until they get puffy). Put one on each cookie- push the head in a bit and start decorating! I used gel with the ones pictured in my post, but scribblers with the second batch. Gel doesn't harden so the icing scribblers work best, especially if you have to take them somewhere. I tried using a pretzel for the arms and didn't think it was quite as cute.

Leah@HomeandHeartstrings said...

Renee, the fun part is that they don't have to be perfect- they look cuter if things are lopsided and smeared...like they are really melting! :)