Friday, December 16, 2011

Reading Our Way To Christmas Day!

     Last year I saw the cutest idea on a blog (don't remember which one now) for counting down to Christmas day.  It involves something our family loves very much- reading books!! 

       All of last year I kept my Christmas eye out for Christmas books- old, new, used, etc.  I stashed them in a storage bin so the kids wouldn't see them, and recently when I got out all my decorations, out came the books too! I've seen several neat ways to display the books all month, but we chose to put them under the tree.

       Here is the pile of books I collected:
Some of the books are Christmas treasuries, and have several stories in them. The book on top is actually a star that contains 5 tiny books that are diamond shaped. When put together, they form a star. Each book tells a different part of the Christmas story, in the form of a mini drama- so cute!
Here are the books all wrapped up and ready for countdown! (and for life under the tree) :)

     Each night the kids get to choose and open a book, and we read it to them. There are enough stories for one each night until Christmas. So far they are LOVING this new tradition! I'm looking forward to collecting a different set of books throughout the next year.

How does your family count down to Christmas Day?


Christina said...

Pinned your idea! Love it! :)

And I am sure they have loved it too. :) Wrapping up makes it extra special too. :)

Leah@Home And Heartstrings said...

Aw, thanks. :) I hadn't even gotten around to pinning it yet. Actually, they have occasionally fought over who gets to open. So we had to let one choose the book and let the other open it. That works better. :)

Renee@LivingLaughingLoving said...

Love this idea!!! And awesome memories of reading Christmas stories together!!

Leah@Home And Heartstrings said...

I'm excited about building our Christmas book collection. I already found one for next year that was marked half price. The hiding begins again. :)