Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sights To See In Canada: "Yurting" On The Bay of Fundy

One of the most enjoyable youth activities we've ever done was taking our teens to Fundy National Park.  We spent the night in yurts. The picture above shows what the outside looks like.

Here is a pic of the inside of the yurt I shared with a few other girls. The beds were unbelievably comfortable!

Here is the gas stove that kept the yurt all nice and cozy. 

Everything was wooden and rustic looking. The lights were solar powered, so at night there was sort of a blue hue in the yurt- plenty light enough to get around, but probably not enough to read by.

This is the cookhouse, also equipped with solar powered lights. There is a wood stove in the middle of the room, which we cooked breakfast on. We managed to get it hot enough to warm up muffins and make fried eggs and coffee. 

We awoke the next morning to a spectacular sunrise. You can see my husband's silhouette there, making a big heart to me over the ocean.  He's so sweet!

We are blessed to live not far from the Bay of Fundy, which has the highest tides in the whole world. It truly is amazing to stand on the ocean floor and then come back a few hours later to find it covered by meters and meters of water.

The sun peeking up over the horizon

And a 'just for fun' angle shot

The beautiful sun streaming over the water

Daylight, and the gorgeous view from our yurts

Fishing boat heading out to sea

Our youth group agreed that this needs to be an annual activity! We plan to go back with our own children this summer and let them experience a night of nomadic dwelling. It will be more pleasant in the summer since there will be more daylight.

Have you ever stayed in a yurt? Have you been to the Bay of Fundy and experienced the world's highest tides?

Now you have a good reason to visit Canada....and us. :)



Rachel said...

Looks like a memorable experience for sure and does sound like a fun youth activity; I'm sure your children will enjoy it too! =) Pi Neither Rudy nor I have visited Canada...perhaps someday we will! =) Thanks for sharing--the pictures of sunrise were beautiful!

Leah@HomeandHeartstrings said...

Actually, I think we have a mutual aquaintance from here- Kim Lalonde...used to live near us in NS, now is down your way. Small world, I guess! :)

Aprille said...

the yurts are soooooooo cute! looks like an amazing trip and anything by water is so peaceful and refreshing! so glad you had an enjoyable time!

Leah@HomeandHeartstrings said...

It was such fun! The only thing undesirable is walking to the washroom at no drinking water before bed, lol!